The prevention of corrosion is a costly issue faced by councils, government departments, manufacturers and industrial facilities. It attacks steel items around our homes, sporting venues, shopping centres, roadways, marinas and farms. The hot dip galvanizing process has been instrumental in providing protection for steel items since 1837.

Time proven, this process offers many benefits unable to be provided by other coating systems, including:

  • layered barrier protection system
  • industrial strength durability
  • ease of inspection
  • low initial cost and upkeep
  • metallurgical bond (zinc to steel)
  • total surface coverage
  • cathodic coating properties
  • high resistance to abrasion
  • predictable service life
  • high performance in most environments
  • coating thickness relative to steel thickness
  • coating life 3-5 times longer than other zinc coatings

Hunter Galvanizing is proudly Australian owned and operates two galvanizing plants in Tomago, NSW. Commissioned to meet the needs of fabrication, structural and mining industries in the Newcastle and surrounding regions, our company has grown to incorporate handling facilities in Sydney and a transport fleet, servicing clients throughout the eastern states.

We provide durable, industrial strength zinc coatings for a wide range of industries including: heavy engineering and material handling, mining equipment and infrastructure, water treatment and sewerage, structural buildings and projects, food refrigeration and production, highway and road hardware, agricultural and irrigation equipment, domestic construction, rural and domestic fencing, transportation, sport and recreation.

Governed by Standard AS/NZ 4680:2006, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, customer service, our employees and the environment.